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We are a new generation of consulting.
We started with one office 10 years ago and have since expanded into 4 continents with headquarters located in Madrid. What is our vision? Our vision is to bring entrepreneurial thinking to countries and to our way of doing things. By doing so throughout the years, we have gained a reputation as one of the top three strategic consultancies worldwide that execute strategies for countries across every continent.

Simply put, our way of thinking is: why not?

We have gained the respect of the international media, from CNN, Forbes to The Economist, and participated in world class conferences and forums as key note speakers. Furthermore, we work with top ranking universities on proprietary methodologies created by us, the entrepreneurs.

Our main purpose is as a consultancy is that we have a vision! Few companies have been able to pursue their vision throughout their expansion, but we have. We have been lucky enough to stand by our method of thinking throughout our development, and pass on this vision to every country or company we work with. This is something that the market and the world is looking for, and we believe that this is the right approach for the world we live in today.

Welcome to Bloom Consulting.

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Signed José Filipe Torres, CEO

For any enquiry:  contact@bloom-consulting.com or +34 91 308 02 86 (CET)                                             For universities, internships and applications: analysis@bloom-consulting.com
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Country Brand Ranking - Tourism Dimension

The U.S.A. is the undisputed best Nation Brand in the world for the third consecutive year, in the Tourism Dimension
The top 5 most successful Nation Brands for the Tourism dimension are Brand USA (1) and the European tourism powerhouses of Spain (2), Germany (3), France (4) and the United Kingdom (5). Observably, out of these countries, Germany (3) has improved 4 places from last year. Among the Asian countries, Thailand (6) is in the lead while the next best Asian country is China (10). However, China (10) has fallen significantly out of the top 5. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the Asian countries in the top 25 include Turkey (9th), Malaysia (15th), Singapore (17th) and the Republic of Korea (18th). These provide a strong point of reference to the Asian region, as an upcoming tourist destination for international travelers.


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