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Since 2003, Bloom Consulting has developed branding strategies for various local and national governments around the world, collaborating with prime ministers, presidents, mayors, heads of tourism boards, and directors of investment agencies.

our Place Brand services

We provide clients with a range of unique products and consulting services based on our proprietary methodologies.
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> Digital Demand ©

Bloom Consulting’s Digital Demand © tool analyses large compilations of online search data to accurately estimate the real demand for tourism, trade, and talent in a specific country, region, or city.

Tourism: Gain a deeper understanding of actual touristic demand for a target destination as detailed across specific tourism-related activities, segments, and niche markets.

Trade: Discover the socio-economic indicators of a specific investment location most valued by potential investors, as measured by our analysis of trade-related online search data.

Talent: Find out what makes a specific destination a talent magnet, as elaborated in our evaluation of the attractiveness of its work conditions and lifestyle.

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> Consulting

Each country, region, or city branding project that Bloom Consulting undertakes provides clients with valuable insights from our unique tools and methodologies for research, strategy, and implementation.

Research: Employ our research expertise for an initial assessment of your brand, as derived from stakeholder interviews, public opinion studies, desk research, and benchmark analysis.

Strategy: Take advantage of our market knowledge by allowing us to develop a strategic positioning for your brand that manages brand touch points and maximizes returns in marketing, innovation, and stakeholder relations.

Implementation: Activate your brand strategy with our implementation services, incorporating creativity and marketing activity plans as well as brand management tools and coordination services.

> Master classes

Along with top-quality consulting services, Bloom Consulting offers tailored master classes, strategic workshops, and unique conferences.

Workshops: Learn how to identify strategies and develop new products and services with knowledge from our creative workshops.

Training: Identify effective consulting methodologies through our “on location” training courses, centred on branding, marketing, and strategy.

Conferences: Seek inspiration from our wide array of keynote speeches at international conferences, summits, and institutional events related to Country, Region, and City Branding.

We work with countries, regions, and cities in coordination across our five trademarked branding segments.

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Find out how our Digital Demand © tool can benefit your brand.

A new definition in Country Branding,
by Bloom Consulting.

A Country or a Place that has triggered proactive interest from different Stakeholders towards that Country or that Place in the Digital world

our Country and City Brand rankings

Every year we publish our renowned set of brand rankings, measuring the effectiveness of Country, City, and Region Brands in attracting tourism, investment, and talent.

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We have worked with the following governments and private destinations around the world.

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For every project, our top management team works side by side with our clients to assure high quality results.
José filipe torres

Since 2003, José has directed Bloom Consulting’s growth and internationalization. Today, he is recognized as one of the world’s top experts in Nation Branding.

gonzalo vilar
spain managing director

With a background in both engineering and business, Gonzalo leads Bloom’s headquarters and is responsible for organizing the annual Bloom Consulting Country Brand Ranking.

filipe roquette
portugal managing director

Filipe has led the Portuguese office since 2012. His creative and business background is key to bringing unique insights to our clients in Portugal.

marcello pastore
brazil Partner

Since its founding in 2010, Marcello has represented Bloom’s Brazilian office, advising and developing brand strategies for major private and public institutions in Brazil.

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